EG Eligible Items

Our goal is to have all of our Easter goodies available for purchase 6 weeks before Easter. As items are made, and become available, they will be added to our online store. Items can go out of stock quickly, so try and order as early as possible.

006 - Individual Cans of Brittle 007 - Old Monmouth Chocolate Bars E01 - Old Monmouth Cream Eggs
006 - Individual Cans of Brittle007 - Old Monmouth Chocolate BarsE01 - Old Monmouth Cream Eggs

Individual cans of our Peanut or Cashew Brittle.

A great treat for both kids and adults

Coconut Cream or Peanut Butter Cream eggs.

E02 - Chocolate Foiled Eggs E03 - Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bunnies E04 - Old Monmouth Jelly Beans
E02 - Chocolate Foiled EggsE03 - Chocolate Covered Marshmallow BunniesE04 - Old Monmouth Jelly Beans

Seven or sixteen ounce bag of our delicious chocolate foiled eggs

A 5 pack of one of our biggest sellers, milk chocolate coated marshmallow bunnies

Old fashioned jelly eggs

E05 - Jelly Easter Mix E06 - Chocolate Covered Oreos 013 - Chocolate Covered Pretzels
E05 - Jelly Easter MixE06 - Chocolate Covered Oreos013 - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

10 ounce bag of our fruity Jelly Chicks and Bunnies

5 count package of milk chocolate coated oreos

8 count package of milk chocolate pretzels

E07 - Chocolate Non Pareils E08 - 6oz Chocolate Bunny E09 - 15oz Chocolate Bunny
E07 - Chocolate Non PareilsE08 - 6oz Chocolate BunnyE09 - 15oz Chocolate Bunny

7 ounce bag of chocolate non pareils

Six ounce bunny in milk, dark, or white

Almost nine inches tall, 15 ounce chocolate bunny available in milk chocolate

005 - Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment 011 - Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters E11 - Easter Bag-sket Gift Bag
005 - Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment 011 - Milk Chocolate Peanut ClustersE11 - Easter Bag-sket Gift Bag

 A 7 ounce gift box of assorted milk and dark chocolates.

 An 8 ounce gift box of milk chocolate peanut clusters.

The Easter classics, all in one gift bag

E10 - Easter Basket-In-A-Box Warm Weather Ice Pack
E10 - Easter Basket-In-A-BoxWarm Weather Ice Pack

Everything you need in one box

Keep that chocolate from turning into chocolate soup.